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Pat Buchanan being replaced with "Generation Next"

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While Pat Buchanan has a mind better than most pundits allowed on television, he is still a product of the propaganda of his generation.

His argument that Diversity is bad is soooo superficial. He openly makes the argument that it is skin color that is the problem. He might make a mention of a \'culture\' infection but he fails to highlight that the problem isn\'t the people, it\'s government policies. Our greatest culture threat is the advocacy of directed collective force to… (fill in the blank).

Money, Special Interests, and all sorts of collective force supporters will _always_ seek power and control to socially and economically engineer as much of any population they can (here and/or abroad), for our own good of course.

It is our abandonment of the philosophy that centralized power is BadBadBad that has provided a very juicy opportunity for the most corrupt and power hungry to propagandize for the next \'Noble Cause\' with an ever increasing share of our, and our future generation\'s, life, liberty and property.

Pat continues to argue for the "good" to be done with the \'Ring of Power\' instead of advocating for the elimination of Power Rings that are _always_ the source of evil... ALWAYS!

During the 1996 campaign for President I was approached by representatives of the national Pat Buchanan campaign (he did very well here in Arizona... Election Fraud was suspected back then for his not winning the state,... another story. Karen Johnson was his State manager at the time). What they sought from me was the endorsement and help from our S.A.F.E. organization (Second Amendment is For Everyone).

Pat showed up at a very large Phoenix Gun Show and posed for his photograph to be taken by the local media as he held high a bolt action rifle. Better than most politicians but for us that was pretty weak while the Crime Bill\'s Assault Weapon ban was so much on everyone\'s mind.

We made it clear to his campaign that we were glad he was in the race but that his less than inspiring position on gun rights couldn\'t overcome his other positions.

The debate continued for a few days. In the end it was understood by the campaign that they were wasting their time with those libertarian minded gun advocates in SAFE. At the time I remember that the argument was that Pat advocated for Social Programs to be only available to American Citizens. While this was popular with the "patriot" crowd, the libertarians didn\'t care who was stealing their money,... they wanted the stealing to stop all together.

Pat argued that the "liberal Judges" were giving away the store. What was shared with his campaign was that ever since the Civil War the US Constitution (13th and 14th Amendments) prompted Supreme Court rulings that didn\'t differentiate between human beings (persons) under the law. Our US Constitution does not allow for special rights or privileges based on… well, anything.

Properly applied the US Constitution is far more libertarian than Republicans and Democrats are comfortable with. They want the power to do what _they_ want.

Centralized power of ‘The State’ is only challenged when the other party is wearing the ‘Ring of Power’. Should Pat Buchanan focus his effort on the elimination of Statism from our culture more than worrying about America’s skin color, we would all be much better served. But, he is a product of another generation.

‘Generation Next’ is rising, and ethnicity is not even an issue to them. Corruption, legalized theft, just laws, selective enforcement, peace, economic and social freedoms are some of the issues important to them,… superficial bullshit ISN’T!

Watch… Learn. (Better yet, get off you ass and at least plant a garden or something to demonstrate even the slightest effort to take care of yourself, ‘cause Big Bubba Government isn’t going to, no matter who/what is in charge)


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Comment by Found Zero
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Buchanan is indeed astute in many ways but this article is correct. Beating the drums of anti-diversity goes into the same bucket as the Christian identity thing, "American exceptionalism" and utter insensitivity to the environment. The "rigth to life" factions are increasingly alienated as are the drug prohibitionists. Oh and the "get tough on crime" thing? Forget it. It's being replaced by personal responsibility.

On each of these issues held so dear by the Old (Fart) Guard, they find themselves on the opposite side of the line from "Gen Next" because on every one of these, Gen Next is victimized by the Old Fart enforcers.

Perhaps more to the point, the old guard lost all credibility for failure to deliver for the past....I dunno....50 years or so. Government didn't get smaller but bigger, taxes went up not down, our foreign policy militarized and rights were erroded by them as much as anyone. They got "failure" stamped across their foreheads.

But hey, they all got rich. Another itty-bitty difference between the Old Farts and Gen Next: we're not materialic enough not to care what happens to others. Because we are the "others".

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Is that a vague reference to our government being run of, by, and for "people of color"?


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