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A challenge to the essay "Free Market Needs Keynes Law Just As Civilized Society Need The Gover

It is so interesting how the ruling elites, often using public funding, keep believing that they must plan and controls the world’s future. Their words are a great ploy used to deceive the world’s majority and individuals like "bakadude" fall for their deceptions. They use money and power to usurp inalienable rights and tell us it's for our own good. The kill millions in the various covert operations and wars for personal profits and they often times fund both sides of conflicts to continue the very profitable sale of arms and supplies. Keynes’s policies have not worked nor can they work at least not in this world.

Ignorance continues to prevail as societies continue to embrace the concept that individual working for government are providing a benefit to society when they are in fact contributing to the continued corruption of their society. The belief that theft and coercion (taxation) can provide the economic foundation for a civil society is insane.  When and where is the next holocaust, Bakadude. With continued poor thinking like yours, you know it going to happen again.

I’m a libertarian because it is sound socio-economic policy that has been proven to work historically and in every scientific genre. There are hardly any debates anymore on the scholarly level as the statist minds have all been put to rest. Yet the ruling elites keep allowing socialist and fascists to deceive the unknowing general public. Your posting is a rarity and I cannot let you get away with such nonsensical jibber. 

The libertarians, some 38 years ago, told the world that the current socio-economic meltdown was going to occur, they told you why it was going to occur and they told you how to stop it from occurring. But no one listens as people like you kept spewing erroneous Keynesian theories of how government and the ruling elites are going to fix things.  Yea, you guys fixed it alright. 

I, H. Skip Robinson, hereby challenge you on any of your contentions in this well written yet erroneous essay, and/or its conclusions.   

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      See what I mean when I wrote this esoteric subject of economics? It attracts street economists fighting for Congress to pass a law amending the law of supply and demand!!


They miserably believed Keynes’ monetary and fiscal policies adopted by Democracies the world over except in the world of Communism and Free-Market Anarchism – which by the way Keynesian economics had made this country the greatest economic leader in the entire Universe -- is a bad Agorism and wanted Keynes economic doctrine abolished by Congress.


        Pseudo-economists of this kind are actually choking their own argument dead. Why? Because Congress is Government and they also wanted to abolish the Government, an “intruder” into their lives they just wanted to live freely as they wish without any form of Order.


        The premise of this tragic argument is that there should be no Government, but then again there will be no Government they needed badly to take Keynes out of their life! The conclusion is … see how the shot themselves on the foot?


        In this “interesting” comment written by H. Skip Robinson, there is an attempt to discuss Agorism against Keynesian economics.  However, it is evident that there is no sufficient knowledge even to bring about this Konkin-Schulman political philosophy into the discussion. Konkin and Schulman are firm believers of “untaxed black market activity” which they think would “lead to development of private defense force sufficient to protect private property and liberty from the State to the point where such protection is strong enough to overthrow the State.”  It is a philosophy or belief scholars described as just a delusional wish – a bad dream of academic somnambulists -- that could not and will never happen in real life or take place in the real world.


      The good news out of this bad news is that there is a Konkin-Schulman logic in this imaginary rebellion against the existence of the State or Government which the vacuum in this roadside comment of H. Skip Robinson had poorly skipped or hardly escaped, thereby embarrassing these two great libertarian philosophers to no end. I do respect Konkin’s and Schulman’s anti-Keynesian arguments, but debunk their dream to change Keynes doctrine in economics, as utterly delusional, like millions of scholars all over the world do. Can you imagine a United States without Government, or can you perceive this greatest economy in the world to exist without a Central Bank and without taxation? That’s what their dream was all about.


       Under the captivity of their own outrage, they just simply hated the Federal Reserve and condemned taxes worse than they hated their mothers-in-law. They wanted an America without taxes although they drive on paved roads that taxation built, or enjoy life here than in Africa or Bangladesh because of the greatest economy in the world that the Fed had led and guided since 1913. Now tell me if this is not “insane” [to use one of the spiteful words in the comment].


       There, I lay down this Agorist’s argument for you just to help out form a discussion from the glaring impotence of this comment to what I have previously written about.


       To be sure, read again “Free Market Needs Keynes Law Just As Civilized Society Need The Government And World Order” at, and “Market Intervention Is Always Necessary But Not Obama’s Kind Of Economic Intrusion” at  that I shared with the reading public. 

       Unfortunately, this written comment only states several “conclusions” or multiple “declarations” of this and that, out of blind rage or misguided passion common to unthinking libertarian extremists in our midst.  Learn from the way how these short effectively written essays are created and published – when you make a stunning declaratory statement, create your premises first then conclude from out of these established premises.

      I cannot teach anyone how to think straight or to think well, but anyone can learn this fundamental rudiment in writing from philosophy & logic in the school of Philosophy and Letters as a curriculum in the study of Journalism. You neither learn this from the streets of chaos that marching Libertarians create when they are angry nor earn this degree of knowledge from the University of Hard Knocks.

       It may be harsh for me to declare or state here the truth of what I am saying, but there is no harsher arrogance a pretender can do than to blind you with the truth of what you really need to know.