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Letters to the Editor • Law Enforcers or Peace Officers

Cops, Laws of Consent and Idiots

Anybody that is halfway cognizant of the full ramification of drug prohibition, understand that if cops did not have drugs and prostitution enforcement, they would actually have to protect the rights and property of the Citizens. Why do that, when there are products and services such as drugs and prostitution that provide the money and sex that our current government policies provide. Legalization of consensual vices would actually make cops work for their money, rather than squeezing/extorting from the dealers, pimps, johns and prostitutes. Everyone knows that Cops have always had their hands out and what better products and services than drugs, alcohol and sex, the largest monetary markets on the planet, to extort from those caught “Disobeying the Law” to earn those extra tax free dollars. The poor of course go to jail since they cannot afford the payoffs/legal defense. That’s called extortion, but who is going to challenge the legal system, if you have the money. Just pay the bribe/attorneys/Judges and make sure that you or your child’s record is expunged. The cops just resell the drugs anyways and somehow the attorneys expunge the records, something the average Joe cannot do. Do you ever wonder why so many cops are so brutal and why just about every major law enforcement organization in the U.S. has had numerous members of it department prosecuted for the very crimes which they are supposed to be enforcing? They recruit the local psychopaths, as they mature, if you can really call it maturity, because they know they will go along with the scam and do what there are told despite the social ramifications. Remember many of them are psychopaths.  More people die fighting over the drugs than actually overdosing on them, cops included, yet we, the American citizens are apparently so afraid of these people, that we continue to yield to this unethical system. Put that much profit on the table and everyone including government law enforcement and the judiciary, are going to be diving head first fighting over the all mighty dollar. If you thing about it, it is quite the extortion and protection racquet especially for those controlling the judiciary, Judges.  Somebody is dealing the drugs and laundering the money, yet only a small fraction of the crime is ever caught and convicted. Whatsup with that?        

Prohibition didn’t work, so within months of the repeal, recreational drugs were all of a sudden made illegal.  The cops and government prosecutors didn’t miss a beat.  They just switched substances which kept them in the monetary rackets for societies most profitable products and services. Alcohol, drugs and sex have always been a recreational/entertainment aspect of the human experience, why should not law enforcement get in on a piece of the action. Come on, they need the money just like everyone else.

The war on drugs like the prohibitions of all vices is a government scam to allow it to legally extort money from it s citizens. You’re not going to ever stop the use of recreational drugs, prostitution or alcohol and the judiciary and law enforcement know that. We have been fighting the war on drugs for 50 years and we are not only the most stringent and toughest nation against drugs, we have the highest level of usage, supporting the researched fact that prohibitions actual encourage consumption, rather than minimize the usage. We apparently didn’t learn from Alcohol Prohibition which caused so many social problems, including increased usage just like Drug Prohibition has done, that it was repealed in 1917.

Law enforcement and the judiciary both have their hands out which corrupts and takes away from the very system we depend on for defending us against the real criminals. You know, the murderers, rapist, thieves and others who attempt to inflict direct harm on others and are only prosecuted a measly 2% of the time. Why chase criminals when you can chase and acquire money almost legally.

People must choose to do things in moderation rather than being addicted to something and until they make that choice, there is little one can do. The number of suicides indicates that there are just some people who are going to do harm to themselves.  If they harm others, we can prosecute them for that which is what Law Enforcement is supposed to be doing instead of chasing pot smokers and prostitutes. The same ideas apply to all vice such as gambling, alcohol, tobacco, sex, etc. They actually are individual rights as long as it is consensual between adults, that is, if you believe you actually own your own body instead of the government believing that they can control what you do with your body and money.    

Many believe that there is a magic way in which to curtail the use or abuse of various substances or services, when there is not. People refuse to accept reality or come up with a system that can actually work because there isn’t one. There are only two options. You have a prohibition which places the distribution and sales of the substance or service into the hand of criminal cartels and street gangs. Believing that law enforcement can curtail the use, is historically and empirically erroneous.  The other option is to repeal all drug laws which places the sale and distribution of the substances in the hands of local businesspeople, your community neighbors who are much easier to control and most importantly stop from selling to minors, something that the government has never been able to do with the cartels and gangs.

The next time someone says that they’re in favor of our current drug policy, call them an idiot and if they don’t shoot you, than ask them if they are a cop, attorney or judge. If they look at you with a blank stare, you’ve got your answer.

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Cops don't mature, they fester, like zombies.