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Population Scarecrows And Tapeworms In Our Stomach

     Overpopulation scarecrows have already been in my database since some years before I became Provincial Statistician II and Public Relations Officer of a government census bureau whose primary conduct of business is the counting of population. This is the reason why I cannot help but admire the likes of Frosty Woodridge whose numeric fixation that the world will end through population explosion scares those with juvenile mentality who believe that there is a bogeyman hiding under their bed. I said I "admire" the likes of Frosty because of their tenacity to repeatedly insist that the number of human beings is killing this planet. It is of course a joke that leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

That they are stubborn in spreading this delusional belief that humankind will out-eat the supply of food and overcrowd the last space available on earth is an understatement. The truth is they are obsessed of this Malthusian theory that has been discarded long time ago that the environment is finite and human mouths competing for food are eternally countless and infinite. I really wanted to tap them on the head and wake them up from their arithmetical stupor that in terms of population increase 2+2 is not always 4 [fast track back to my previous comments], while at the same time I also wanted to model their perseverance in standing there taking punches like a man for not just defending but even promoting a badly mauled losing cause. It does not matter even when you caricature them like a crazed boxer throwing punches to the Moon when they argue like a runaway train, or picturing them like Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote of La Mancha for people to laugh at. Deeply enmeshed in their one-track mind, they are in fact in a coma and you cannot do anything to help anyone whose mind is in a vegetable state, except perhaps pray that like Rip Van Winkle they will wake up 20 years later.

I have named Halloween’s population scarecrows in my response to the blood-splattering propaganda of environmentalist cutthroats to show that Frosty is not alone riding a bicycle along this lonely road [].

Fearing the end of the world when the population spills over the edge, deranged Bill Gates has his multi-million-dollar funded vaccines for the third world to reduce global population; Obama’s science czar John P. Holdren who calls for "forced abortions and mandatory sterilization procedures, as well as drugging the water supply, in an effort to cull the human surplus" complements Malthus’ infanticide and mass murder to stop the increase of population; biologist Dr. Eric R. Pianka whose lifetime work is to exterminate 90% of humankind with airborne Ebola virus; how about NASA’s terrorists Dr. James Hansen and Keith Farnish wanting to blow up dams and destroy cities so that this complex world of modern science can go back to simple life like it used to be in the "agrarian age"?

Not to be outdone is Hitler's reincarnation Finish ecologist Pentti Linkola whose Holocaust is to gas those who call paranoid environmentalists "nuts" or else banish them to his eco-gulag camps for "re-education", why, you can name more of those creeps that surface from the bowels of the earth and like tapeworms infected our stomach. To make life miserable, these GI worms needle our nerves and disrupt our bowel movement. We have to excrete them out and flush this painful experience let alone horrifying memory, down the toilet.

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Comment by Anonymous
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The facts? I don’t need to revisit my database and extract them for you line by line to point out those lies about immigration and overpopulation nuisance. Someone has already printed them here – a great opportunity to see in the mirror how a wretched scarecrow looks like when it scares people out of their wit. In these videos, population explosion liars are forced to catch their own words they spit up in the sky that drop back to their mouth and eat them …


    It is time to put a stop to this immigration and overpopulation nonsense!    


Comment by Frosty Wooldridge
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Facts in 2010:  Every year, 18 million human beings die of starvation or related diseases around the world. (Source: World Health Organization). Over 1.0 billion people cannot procure a clean glass of drinking water every day.  Our oceans suffer horrific acidification that is destroying the plankton that create 80 percent of our oxygen. Humans burn 84 million barrels of oil daily 24/7 and the resultant carbon creates global climate change .  Species extinction exceeds 100 creatures 24/7.  California looks at debilitating water shortages along with Arizona yet grows toward adding another 20 million. I could name another 20 dilemmas. Then, we get uncredentialed innumerates (mathematically illiterate) to pronounce that human overpopulation isn't a problem. It's no wonder the problems accelerate!  FW