(Update)'Sons of Liberty Militia' want you to join the GuerillaResistance-Secret?????? 
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(Update)'Sons of Liberty Militia' want you to join the GuerillaResistance-Secret??????

Letter Written by: Ernest Hancock
Date of Letter: 2009-07-26
Subject: Militia

I just got this email from... "Myself???"
I'll get the computer geeks on this... but it is clear that we are being 'prepped' for something.

From: Sons of Liberty Militia [mailto:guerrillaresistance_1@hotmail.com]

Sent: Friday, July 24, 2009 7:14 PM To: Publisher@FreedomsPhoenix.com
Subject: Secret Pass it on.


Henry M. Paulson, the Secretary of the United States Treasury was executed by the United States Militia for treason against the American people !

This is being kept secret so not to start more copy-cat scenarios.



It's not a Financial Crisis !!!


It's a Bankster Gangster Scam !


There are 2 ways to Conquer and Enslave AMERICA !


One is by the sword, the other is by [ debt. ]


Prepare to defend your families !!!




What is Liberty ?  

Freedom from Control !




Sons of Liberty Militia 


Tim Stine

312 S. Wyomissing Ave.

Shillington, Pa. 19607 U.S.A.


( Publisher: I called the phone number immediately after posting this to add to the 'story' what might be said... answering machine. I requested an interview about the claim and left my name, Ph# and Email. I'll keep you updated. - Google map of Address - Google Search of Phone Number - Google Search Tim Stine Sons of Liberty )


Editor: Ernest Hancock
Editor's Response:

(Publisher: I've been getting these "announcements" in various forms from various sources. Bottomline is: Fmr. US Treasury Sec. Henry Paulson has been taken out by the "Militia" and it is being kept secret for fear of a mass uprising against "the Man"
After a month or so we'll take a look to see if Henry Paulson has pop up anywhere. If not then we'll start asking more questions.

Having gone through this sort of 'Agent Provocateur' scenario before in the mid '90's I am sensitive to... things :)

So I pass this on for you to examine and comment on. Enjoy :)

Latest news of Paulson in public July 17th 2009 "Lawmakers Blast Paulson For His Response to Crisis
I just got this email from... "Myself???"
I'll get the computer geeks on this... but it is clear that we are being 'prepped' for something.

Comments in Response

Comment by: Powell Gammill (#13871)
   Entered on: 2009-07-27 13:49:48

Hey, that's great.  Maybe your militia and the Scottsdale Militia can have a combined joint  expedition one of these days past the sand traps  and shoot a few holes.  We can maneuver over to the 19th Hole for some beers afterwards.

Comment by: foundZero (#11589)
   Entered on: 2009-07-27 13:32:41

Yeah my underground milita got mobilized. We were all supposed to show up at Burt's place at 06:00 and I got there right on time and had to wake Burt up because I guess he'd gone on a tear the night before. But we got to work clearing out the empty beer cans and whiskey bottles and prepared to mobilize.

Then Allen showed up with donuts and coffee and then Bill's wife showed up with all the fixings of a proper pancake breakfast. And somebody spilled batter on the strategic map which pissed Joe right off so him and his boys stomped right out the door, calling us a bunch of amateurs. But by the time the pancakes was ready and we got to chowing it was well past the critical window for the operation and one of the hounds got hold of the mission plan and just ripped the thing to shred to the glee of the kids. Nobody even troubled much, it was more obvious the conversation had turned to what to have for lunch and a couple of the boys found themselves a bottle.

Then Ned said he had some barbque marinating and why not he run home and grab them and the smoker. So the whole thing commenced into kind of a picnic. Some of the kids got us into horshoes and some other guys found a deck of cards and started playing poker and my wife showed up before too long with some brownies.

When saying goodbye the evening we all remarked on how today was good but we really should think about getting some things accomplished so we briefly read the by-laws before going home.

And that's the story about how our militia almost killed Ben Bernanke.

Comment by: foundZero (#11589)
   Entered on: 2009-07-27 10:05:50

I want to join to gorilla resistance movement. Those gorillas are getting way out of hand.

Comment by: Brock (#11655)
   Entered on: 2009-07-27 08:32:09

Ernie, you can spoof an email address easily. 

It's a simple matter of changing your From: and Reply-to: addresses in the email setup.

For instance, I have it on good authority that you just sent yourself an email from your nambla.com email addy.

Likely, though, the true sender ip and smtp information is still in the header.

Comment by: Randynaz (#18770)
   Entered on: 2009-07-26 18:01:40

  Ill defiantly be interested to see if this is true.... 

Comment by: Psychictaxi (#5272)
   Entered on: 2009-07-26 14:58:42

 I think someone is mixed up concerning and old story...

Secretary Paulson Has Died From Gunshot Wounds

Update 5PM (England time) January 2, 2007 from Christopher Story.


The internet search gave a LOT of hits



Comment by: Brock (#11655)
   Entered on: 2009-07-26 14:35:34

obvious provocation is obvious

But, it illustrates Brock's First Postulate of Asshat Security: 

S = AC + C


S = Personal Security Required

A = Asshattery

C = Celebrity

Tags: myself, computer, prepped, something, liberty, militia, [mailto, guerrillaresistance, hotmail, friday
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