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Declare This An Emergency

• PuppetGov (video)
The Greatest Illusion ever. So What Are You Going To Do About It? (see it before copyright violations make it disappear)

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Comment by William Patriot
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Powell, Very well done !
Peaceful protests have never stopped violations of OUR Bill of Rights,and never will. If you disagree why are we in the mess we are in now ?
We have the right and duty to form a new and better government, Everyone in the present government proven to be a traitor should be hung on every lamp posr along Pennsylvania Ave. as an example to others who would try to turn this Republic into their form of dictatorship. No mercy should be shown ,for they have shown none to us.
As this form of government has become a farce to all Americans who seek liberty and security,which only can be secured by the total disregard for those who wish to impose their evil will on us.
There are strength in numbers 300,000,000 to a few who think they may dictate how we must live.
We are more insane than they IF we stand by and let them have complete power over us.
They already have the old fashioned concentration camps here in America, ready and waiting for those who do not heed this warning.
We should have learned long ago for history repeats itself, if we let it.
What is going on in America today is the same pattern Hitler and Stalin and Mao has taken in the past. This is a proven method of taking over a country, obediance without question,or defiance.
What it boils down to is this, either we respond in FORCE, or succumb to what awaits, horrible distruction of our loved ones,our homes, our property,our dignity and self respect.
The last slaves in USA have expired and should have never been,but we, no matter what our color,creed,or nationality WILL be the future slaves IF we are permitted to live !
It's up to all of us, What is your decision ?

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