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America’s Worst Sheriff (Joe Arpaio)

• NY Times
Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., which includes Phoenix and its sprawling surroundings, is an aggressive self-promoter with a new claim to fame: a reality show on Fox called “Smile … You’re Under Arrest!” It’s a “Candid Camera” for crook

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Comment by SamFox
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The source of this story should tell it all. The NYT is a liberal rag that hates any one who goes after illegal aliens. They seem to think the voters are really stupid to elect Joe again & again.

I wonder what they have to say about those of us who want to see the 'Federal' Reserve closed & want the US to return to Constitutional currency. We need to abolish the Gestapo IRS as well.

Illegal immigration is one of the ways the one worlders are helping destroy the US. They own the NYT & most other media of all kinds.

You'd think the NWO crowd would be happy with the destruction & devastation caused by the illegal, private NWO banker's 'Federal' Reserve. The 'Fed' is the main source of the $$ woes in the USA. Does any one out there actually like inflation, what Ron Paul rightly calls a hidden Tax? Inflation is the root cause of most if not all our $ problems. Tax & spend is in there as well; thanks Dems, for nothing. Tax & spend is a Dem invention if you didn't know. Now the Repubs rival them for who can sell out the USA the fastest.

The US is under attack on many fronts. IMO the NYT shows their colors, the Jolly Roger, when they go after those who are fighting to reclaim the US on any front, illegal immigration being only one of many. This to me is why they published the hit piece against Sheriff Jope.

I hope that ALL AZ sheriffs follow Joe's lead. Would help at reelection time no doubt.