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Apple's first Macintosh turns 25

The project to create the Macintosh was started by legendary computer maker Jef Raskin and the original machine had a 9in screen in an upright beige case, 128k of RAM, internal floppy drive, and came with keyboard and single-button mouse.

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Keep in mind this is the Macintosh. Apple started selling its first computers years before (I believe 1977; maybe earlier out of a garage) with the Apple II series. Data was stored on a cassette tape drive. The IBM PC did not come out until Aug., 1981! Back then a massive amount of RAM was 16k. There were no hard drives -- Seagate remedied this fairly quickly with its 5Mb hard drive. Floppy disks were actually floppy and held 360k. And CPU chip speed was 8.3 Mhz.

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