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FDA now restricting over-the-counter sales of Celox, Quik-Clot and other hemostatic trauma agents

(FDA) began regulating these products mid-May because "they go inside the human body." I was able to order some of my other products in the "scrape and light cut" size" but none of the larger quantity hemostatics. (Black Mar

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UPDATE: The product the FDA seems to have restricted is the "Penetrating Wound" applicator packets. Designed for the treatment of gunshot, knife and other impaling wounds, the applicator holds the clotting granules in a syringe-like tube, which is inserted into the wound tract to deposit the clotting agent along the projectile pathway. This is a much more effective triage treatment for such a wound (when away from proper medical services) than the packing of the wound opening with the clotting compound.

Packets of these hemostatic agents are still for sale to the general public,...however, only in packets of up to 50 grams (usually only 25 grams) and for topical application at skin level only. Thusly, while still usefull for deep abrasions and cuts,...Uncle Sam feels you don't deserve and/or can't be trusted with the same capacity to save you or your loved one's life as we provide to our soldiers.