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When Law Flies Out the Door

• Washinton Post

In place of search warrants issued by a judge, ICE agents carry administrative warrants issued by one of their own officials that require that they "knock and talk" to gain entry into a home, a policy often abused.

The Cardozo study examined 700 arrests between 2006 and 2008 on Long Island and in New Jersey and found that agents said they had not received informed consent to enter the homes in 86 percent of the Long Island cases and 24 percent of the New Jersey ones.

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Propaganda. What seems to be left out of all these stories by the communist main stream news is the fact that Illegal Aliens are often guilty of far more serious crimes more Americans have been killed by Illegal Aliens then were killed on 9/11 and it IS a Crime to enter illegally in and of itself!

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