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On Saturday, July 4, the nation’s Independence Day, the U. S. District Court in Manhattan convened for a bail hearing in a criminal case before a magistrate judge. During the hearing, an Assistant U. S. Attorney divulged information to the magistrate which, in an open society, would produce inch-high headlines screaming scandal. But not in the U. S. A. Three weeks later, mainstream media ignore the incident as no more than business as usual and hardly worth mentioning. Manipulative Software Codes “The incident” was revelation that Goldman Sachs has created and is using computer software secret codes capable of manipulating prices and trading in financial markets worldwide. Goldman has used the secret codes to take gains of hundreds of millions of dollars out of financial markets. Goldman’s computers may actually intercept trading data – real-time buy and sell orders in financial markets – so the secret codes can react in micro-seconds to “front-run” those orders in ways profitabl