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The States Can Stop Obama By Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret.)

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By now we have all heard the clichés and seen the posters from the "Tea Parties" espousing freedom, less government, and perhaps most of all, how the federal government had better back off trying to shove their national healthcare down our otherwise healthy throats. The truth of the matter is all the slogans of "Don't Tread On Me" or "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death" or "We're Mad As Hell And We're Not Taking It Anymore," don't mean a thing when compared to reality; the real and actual answer to all the protests, marches, and outrage. The answer is in our own backyards!...

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Comment by KittyAntonikWakfer
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No ("MoMan"??) , the "Federal Government" does not own "the Sates through extortion."
The Feds use extortion (threat and/or actual use of physical force) on *individuals* - *not* the state governments - and then bribe the state government office holders *and* many of the same individuals from whom they extorted (taxed) money. The term "bread and circuses" (panem et circenses) applies for every government, at least back to the Romans.

But yes, you are correct, "The States will obey or the money flow stops.", if you mean the elected/appointed officials and those private individuals who receive and want to continue to receive stolen funds (taxed away from others).

**Kitty Antonik Wakfer

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Comment by MoMan
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In other words, all the protests should be at the State Capitals of each State. Of course that may not work either, because of all the Federal Subsidies the States take. The Federal Government owns the States through extortion. The States will obey or the money flow stops.