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Mind control with sound and light

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The low frequencies used can travel some distance through the air. So could you be zapped with a mood-altering blast from across a room? Probably not, Tyler says. In theory, the ultrasound technique could work from up to about a meter away, he says. "The farthest we've tried so far has been roughly 50 millimeters."

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Comment by JustinTyme
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Funny.  You may be on to something, there.  No not the vaccine.  But, since most people seem to have their cell phone "glued" to the side of their head most of the time, it seems to me, that it would be pretty easy to shape the RF emissions coming out of their cell phone to have some sort of impact on their behaviour, etc.  Brings a whole new scenario up for that old Charles Bronson movie, TELEFON. ;-) 

Comment by PureTrust
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But, MAYBE, if you get a flu shot, the combination of materials in the shot just might make you highly susceptible to all forms of mind control machinery from distances comparable to that between cell phones and cell phone towers.