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Police tase and arrest hero for stuttering

• Wendy McElroy
A man was tased by police, arrested, and jailed after risking his life and suffering second degree burns on his arms, head, and torso to run back into his burning house to make sure that all six of his house guests were warned of the fire and assisting them to escape from the house. The charge was "Misconduct at an Emergency and Resisting Arrest."

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Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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Do cities and towns that have police departments also have:


City/Town councils?

Police commissioners?

Police chiefs?

Police activity policy makers?

Anybody in authority who authorizes, allows, or condones any police action is, in essence, the one who did the police action right along with the cop.

Blame the cop. But also realize that going after the cop alone is not the answer. Use ballot box and referendum to change the law, the punishment, the policy, and, as necessary, the authority.

Comment by Bryan W. Carpenter (22439)
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 If this is an unbiased report (facts are as stated) then these police officers should be barred from even serving as a security guard.  A few months in jail wouldn't hurt either.

Comment by Jerry Alexander (10403)
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Such mindless SOB`S will do anything they are told to do...they are gutless drippings of puss.

Where do these useless brain dead...without Mothers.... go when they are not our treating people like common they have a Club House?


Comment by Found Zero (11589)
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OK so what happened to the old "no talkey without attorney" thing here?

Comment by Found Zero (11589)
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Read the comments section at the bottom of the source report:,0,4730352.story

Seems like Ohioans aren't as dumb as some make them out to be. Let's hope they transform truth to action.