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US politicians behind Ugandan Gay Execution Law

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Sharlet's book "The Family" is an investigative look at a secretive group of fundamentalist Christian lawmakers in Washington, D.C. In a recent interview with NPR's Terry Gross, he broke the news that The Family's influence in Uganda is rife. 

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Comment by Kimberly Rogers
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There is no place for this kind of execution in the Old Testament, either. The Torah gives specific instructions about punishments for sin. The requirement is to bring the alleged sinner before the Judges of Israel with a minimum of 2 eye witnesses. The accusers of the sinner before the Judges in this manner must understand that they, too, can be subject to the punishment meted out by the Judges if it is discovered the bore "false witness". That is part of what the commandment to not bear false witness is about.

There are no Judges of Israel selected by the people of Israel (all 12 tribes) at the moment, so that puts a stop to a sinner being executed for sin, even if 2 or more eye witnesses were present to view the actual homosexual act. And if the witnesses were there to view such a thing, it begs the question about their own sexuality, doesn't it?

It is in this manner that the Torah (Law of Moses), which God will use to judge the world on that day, shows us the mercy that god built into His laws. We don't get to just be the Judges of Israel, a non-credible witness and the executioner wrapped up all in one.

Baruch HaShem.




Comment by Sam Weathersby
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If there is such a family, they are NOT Christians. There is no NT Bible verse that says you can set up people for execution this way. If they are going to target sexual deviance for the death penalty under the old Test. then they would have to include adulterers & fornicators. There would probably be a lot of the family on death row. 

The NT lists homosexuality as sin. Yes, it does. But don't forget that it also lists the other sex sins I mentioned as well as a few more of those who will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Jesus came the 1st time to bring forgiveness, healing & restoration. He did not come to kill  or judge. . Please note that He said that many would come in His Name who would be wolves is sheep clothes. If you know the Bible you will be able to tell the disguised from the real by the way they bring love, healing & compassion for sinners. That is what Jesus would do & indeed has done. Of course sex sinners, like all sinners, must repent & follow Him. Jesus said to the woman taken in adultery "Neither do I condemn you! Go and sin no more.". He says the same to all of us.


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