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AFTERBURNER - "We're Going to Space... and the Government is NOT Invited"

Bill Whittle tells us how NASA provided inspiration for himself and America, even though it is a government run program, recently relegated from space exploration to Muslim outreach.  Don't fret.  The private sector is filling the void left in space by the Obama adminstration.  Can the individual succeed where the federal government has failed?  

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Comment by Ed Price
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Why are you going? What will you gain? Will you have success against the administration if it wants to shut you down?

When you say "We're Going to Space..." sounds like the same "We" that government uses when they suggest that "We are going to fight Iran."

How long before any space benefits come about? You can get a joy-ride at the fair. There's nothing within reach out there that a settler can use to start a new life. The ideals of the "Firefly" series are virtually unattainable, unattainable for countless generations even if technology thrives.

How close are we to fixing people so that they won't die? Are the lives that will be sacrificed to space exploration worth it?


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