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HOA, Laveen man fight over historic flag

• Arizona Republic
There's no way Andy McDonel is taking down his "Don't Tread on Me" flag.

The homeowners association in McDonel's Laveen neighborhood told him to remove the yellow banner with the coiled snake from the front of his house.

The HOA called the flag debris and said it broke neighborhood rules.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Becoem a bigstory:

Comment by Ned The Head
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Like living in Laveen is anything to be proud of?

Comment by David40
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 The question is, can a person waive their rights? The answer is YES! There are many examples of this.

First off, anyone that opts to live in a deed restricted area is dumb as a post. The simple fact is Andy voluntarily waived many of his rights when he entered into a contract when he chose to live in a deed restricted community. A contract is a contract, and unless he can find some legal loophole he is obliged to follow the rules he contracted to obey. Sorry Andy, maybe you could get some T-shirts made up with the flag and wear them all over the place, and maybe get a bunch of sympathetic neighbors to do the same. Better study your deed restrictions and see what you can and cannot do.