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Sheriff Joe's plan for armed immigrant-hunting posse mirrors neo-Nazi pals' patrols

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Sheriff Joe is always talking about his department’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigration but now he wants to commission a posse whose only job will be to enforce illegal immigration and human smuggling laws.

JT Ready (L), Russell Pearce (R) - photo credit Stephen Lemons

The friendly local press are missing something -- namely, how closely Arpaio's citizen immigrant hunters resemble the vigilante patrols being organized by neo-Nazi J.T. Ready -- who recently announced that he would be seeking to obtain official sanction for his program.

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Comment by jswmcse
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 Maybe I am just confused, but I don't get how using constitutionally granted powers to protect the sovereignty of our country or one of its states  “mirrors Neo-Nazi” behavior.  Normal police duties could be viewed this way too.  That’s ridiculous. 

Most Americans seem to have lost all ability to think and reason for themselves.  The right position is not anarchy!  We have to have some rules and enforcement of those rules, just not the centralized governmental dictatorship our country has become.  As an analogy, I would prefer if the cops could keep criminals out of my house, but if criminals come in, I will shoot them.  This is the same thing.  If the Feds won’t do the job then the local authorities will. 

It is a shame that the original author of this article and the person who posted it here cannot see that a local posse is the exact anti-thesis of Nazi behavior!  Nazi’s represented central control.  A local posse is just the opposite, and an excellent idea.

Comment by Ned The Head
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Man I would be so totally down for this if it wasn't Nickle-bag  Joe. I love my state but working for a buffoon is not my idea of defending liberty.

Oh and it would kind of help if Nickle-bag was a FREAKING BORDER SHERIFF hey? Like IF IT WAS ANY OF HIS GODS-DAMN BUSINESS?

If Sheriff Paul Babeau put out this call, my wheels would already be turning, Proud Mary keep on burnin, rollin, rollin, rollin on the Rio Grande. I know Babeau (sp?) is viewed as a sell-out in many purist quarters but heck man, I don't have any problem defending the border with my rifle, I just want it to be ORGANIZED and DULY CONSTITUTED.

So my main thing has been writing to the governor to do the most common-sense thing I can think of which is just to activate the citizen's militia and put it under the command of the border sheriffs because they already have the training programs for posses in place, and posses are one of the best ideas this state has going. And I don't like Nickle-bag one bit but ya gotta hand it to him, he's one hell of a desk-jockey and he's got one hell of a posse. Up here in the North we have a "jeep posse" which is mainly used for S&R and fire suppression/evac. Whatever.

Bottom line: my rifle is ready and I have the capability and equipment to feed hundreds of people 3 meals a day in primitive circumstances. I ain't working for Nickle-bag Joe. Not on any day of my life. Not even if I'm his prisoner. He can put his gun to my head and pull the trigger. I know what happens. It goes bang. F.U. Joe.

If our governor does the common-sense thing or a border sheriff calls, boys and gals, if you can't make it, send me all the pancake batter and eggs and toast and coffee you can find. We're gonna have 24x7 food available for hungry hunters. Armed service. Spatula in one hand, sidearm in the other. "more coffee sir? Whoa! contact right, heads down, engaging! Oh dip man that was just a rabbit, sorry guys, more coffee?"

Got pancakes?

Comment by Joseph Klein
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The action of a sheriff commissioning a posse of citizens predates the United States - and has nothing to do with neo-Nazis! County sheriffs do not have their departments staffed with regular deputies in numbers sufficient to repel invading criminal hordes! Sheriff Joe understands what his responsibilities are for enforcing the laws, and is using the full power of the position he has been entrusted with by the voters to do the work they hired him for! Put the posses in the field for one month, and illegal border crossings will be completely shut down! Great timing, Sheriff Joe - its the fall hunting season, and your posse will bring its own equipment!

Comment by Dracula Tepish
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hey come of here to new mexico and get all you want even the governor who loves the illgals 

and all of the wetbacks who are taking jobs

Comment by Desert Rat
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If the damn pinko lib bleading hearts don't like the way law inforcement is done in this state why the hell don't they take there asses back to where they come from. Every sherriff on the border should be deputizeing aa posse to handle the ir section of the border.

Comment by Dad M
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