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CameraFRAUD vs. TSA Naked Body Scanners?

• CameraFRAUD
(Is a storm of activism brewing for PHX Intl?) We'd like to ask the question: Just what part of this nations founding documents are so utterly unclear regarding the inherent right of an individual to travel freely unmolested by agents of government bureaucracy unless on probable cause or reasonable suspicion of a crime being committed?

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Comment by PureTrust
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Government subsidizes the airlines. Because of this, until there is a ruling otherwise, Government owns the airlines. If you want to travel on Government airlines, you need to follow Government airline rules.

If you want to travel on other airlines, the non-Government ones, you will have to pay the price... which may be a whole lot higher than Government airlines.

The REAL question is, if our cars are licensed by Government, are they really Government vehicles? Even though we have the right to travel, Government has taken that away long ago with the licensing of private cars and light trucks.

So, now you see where the real problem lies. We think that we are being protected from crooks through the licensing of our cars. So we readily agree with such licensing. What is really happening is that we are eroding our own freedom, and our right to travel freely.