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No Congress Since 1960s Makes Most Laws for Americans as 111th

• Bloomberg
However history judges the 535 men and women in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate the past two years, one thing is certain: The 111th Congress made more law affecting more Americans since the “Great Society” legislation of the 1960s. 

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Comment by JoAnn Deles-Dernier
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 Sounds like you have drank the Kool-aid. Sure this congress has passed a lot of bills. But How? Thru back-door deals against the American people's will. You talk about health care being good for American’s yet all I mostly hear is about the few good things in it and no one elaborates on the fact that if you have cancer and are of a certain age YOU DO NOT get health care treatment.  YOU DO NOT GET TO KEEP YOUR DOCTOR and many doctors are leaving because of this bill meaning longer waits and less care. If you are going to tald about waht this congress has done try to tell all of the truth. The government now can control even more what you eat and even if you are permitted to buy food or worse grow it in your own yard. The START treaty weaken our defends. You sound like a liberal who has definitely drank the kool-aid by just sugar coating all these anti-American bill that will limit our freedom. Your are a jerk.

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