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Biometrics: Is EyeLock Part Of Obama's "Trusted Identities" Internet ID Program?

Your eyes may soon become the window to more than just your soul. A New York company has produced what it calls the "first commercially scalable, mobile iris- scanning solution," a product called EyeLock that lets consumers scan an eye to access password-protected sites on their computers. Hoyos Group demonstrated EyeLock at the Finovate Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, according to reports. The company already has a line of iris-scanning security and identity-protection products that are aimed at corporate, banking and government customers. But the pocket-sized EyeLock device could become the first such product to bring such high-level biometrics technology to the masses, according to Hoyos. For $99, an EyeLock customer could sign into a site like Facebook or access a bank account using technology that many people probably believe only exists in the movies. Hoyos hasn't specified a release date for the device. "Iris-based systems guarantee a level of security and identity protection that is unparalleled by any other biometric, password-encrypted or card-based system in existence today," said Hoyos chief business development officer Jeff Carter in a statement. "Without hyperbole, the Hoyos mobile iris scanning technology solution will have an enormous impact on identity theft and fraud. ... The Hoyos solutions will soon become the default solution for protecting personal identity," he added. Iris-scanning offers such robust identify protection because the human iris has some 2,000 points used to identify an individual's unique eye...

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