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Efficient DNA-Based Computing Could Replace Silicon


“DNA is the future of computing,” Jian-Jun Shu tells PhysOrg. And why not? Silicon is slow by comparison, computes in a binary system, creates waste heat, and is not particularly easy on the environment. DNA-based computing can perform better than silicon in several respects, Shu says, and he and a few of his students at Nanyang Technical University in Singapore have set out to prove it.

The general idea: the human body performs computations all of the time, and does so far faster than even the fastest silicon-based supercomputer. Moreover, it does so in a parallel fashion, working with more breadth, speed, and agility than the ones and zeros of silicon computation. For massive parallel problems, artificial intelligence problems, and combinatorial problems, DNA-based computing could be far more efficient.

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Comment by PureTrust
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The real nature of this article is this. People have gone just about as far as they can go with their computer-making. We just aren't intelligent enough to advance much further with our own computer inventions. 

So now we are going back to the place where the greatest inventions are and always have been... NATURE. The intelligent Design in nature has always exceeded man's intelligence. Finally we are forced to admit it if we want to improve what we have been doing.

But, it is embarrassing to say it that way... to express how inferior we really are to the One who designed all of nature.