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Cooking Pot That Charge Your Phone When Over Fire

• Julie Beck via

This Japanese cooking pot converts the heat from a boiling pot of water to electricity that can charge your smartphone at the same time it cooks a delicious meal. The invention, inspired by footage of Japan’s earthquake victims building fires to keep warm, could prove a boon after a natural disaster, when all you’d have to do to keep communication open would be to light a campfire.

The Hatsuden-Nabe thermo-electric cookpot contains strips of thermoelectric ceramics that use the difference in temperature between the bottom of the pot and the water boiling inside it to generate electricity. Using this method, the device takes between three and five hours to charge an iPhone--not much longer than using a crazy space-age AC charger.


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Man, if they can do this, why not get rid of the alternator in your car? The alternator uses the power of the gasoline that is running your engine to make the electricity that the car needs. This taps your car MPG efficiency to the tune of as much as several percent. Why not use radiator heat and exhaust heat to do the job, since the heat is just thrown away anyway?