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Park Ranger Arrests Woman For Attempting To Record Her Own Traffic Stop

• Photography Is Not a Crime

Celia Sullivan, a 50-year-old mother of two from Utah, enjoys hiking through the Capitol Reef National Park to take photos.

But it ended up getting her arrested on federal charges on the Fourth of July.

All because she tried to record the park ranger who had pulled her over.


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Comment by tittiger
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 I think all these stories put Larkin Roses article   When Should You Shoot A Cop into perspective. It seems that with this type of lawlessness. A lawlessness that to me makes a charade of any concept of rule of law or justice. It seems that there would be all sorts  of discussions about solutions since the price to pay for doing nothing is so high. We can continue to do nothing and what WILL happen is that some Americans will get fed up and doing what should be done to these cops. (Dispensing justice)  This is what the powers that be want  and have planned for then they will call them terrorists (when just the opposite is true) and the war will be on. All I can say people is that we need to do something substantial and do it right now before this goes any further down hill. A start would be locking up of thousands of cops for multiple years. But how do we get there?




Comment by tittiger
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National Parks have long been a stomping ground for power crazed government thugs. I long ago quite  going there which is what they want. They do not want you on THEIR land.

Comment by stupidamerkin
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 This sick looking sob looks like a power mad nazi. This is the generation that grew up on violent video games and watching swat team movies for sure. How much longer are we as a people going to allow these nazi bastards continue to harm, plunder and even murder us at any moment?

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