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Oath Keepers To Muster Quartzsite Arizona August 27 2011


On Sunday, July 31, 2011, the Board of Directors of Oath Keepers unanimously voted to allow the Arizona and Montana chapters of Oath Keepers to conduct an official Oath Keepers Muster at Quartzsite, Arizona.

The Muster will be held on August 27, 2011.

The purpose of this Muster is to support the courageous stand against alleged corruption within that town’s Police Department by ten police officers of the Quartzsite, Arizona Police Department. The ten officers are currently under “administrative leave”, and at least two of them have had their employment in Quartzsite Police Department terminated.

The Muster is also aimed at supporting local patriot/activist Jennifer ‘Jade’ Jones and Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster. Oath Keepers intends to spotlight the need for local involvement in local government and to encourage unity through community action as small-town America strives for transparency and accountability in local affairs.

Please note: The allegations brought forth against Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert are only that – allegations. Therefore, Oath Keepers has no stance on Chief Gilbert. This Muster is not directed at the Chief of Police or at his Department. This Muster is solely aimed to support the Quartzsite Ten and to show public approval of their willingness to seek proper and lawful execution of and administration of the law in Quartzsite.


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Comment by stupidamerkin
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 Oath keepers? What  a joke. Where the hell are all these so called oath keepers as the people across this land continue to be harmed, plundered and even murdered by the psycos with guns and badges sanctioned by the courts, (dens of corruption)?

Oath keepers my ass!

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