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I've been a full time practicing criminal defense attorney in Arizona since 1994. For that entire time, I've been arguing, as publicly as possible, that laws criminalizing peaceful marijuana use by competent adults should be immediately repealed.

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Someone who's trained as a nurse in California doesn't magically forget those skills when they cross the border into Arizona. The same is true for plumbers, electricians, makeup artists, and pretty much any person working in any other licensed profes

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Sherry Peel Jackson (Former IRS Agent) comes on the show to talk about the elimination of taxation, the legitimacy of the IRS - Ross Trumble on how to make your voice heard (RTS System - Request to Speak) at the Arizona State Legislature

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After a court ruling rejected a challenge from prohibitionists to keep the initiative to legalize marijuana in Arizona off the ballot, opponents of the measure made a last-ditch effort to deprive voters of their right to choose by alleging that the b