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Massachusetts Police Arrest Another Man On Wiretapping Charges

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A Massachusetts man is facing five years in prison after secretly recording an argument between himself and a police officer who had pulled him over for a traffic infraction.

Robert E. Mansfield was charged with felony wiretapping after he walked into the police station asking police to rescind the citation for having an obstructed license plate because of a tinted cover.

At some point during his conversation with officers at the police station, he informed them he had recorded the argument between himself and the officer.


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Comment by David Jackson
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    In "reality", cops are civilians - because they are not (yet) actually military personnel - and are supposed to be subject to the same laws as every citizen. don't you believe it! Cops can and will do whatever they are willing to lie and swear to, which comes down to whatever covers the myriad local, state, and "federal" crime they commit on a daily basis.

    This is a great example of how the public is screwed by what jokingly passes for "law enforcement". Everything a person does in the presence of an cop is recorded, and the person is not advised. The law allows cops to lie through their teeth - a cop special talent, but even a simple forgetful response by a citizen that turns out to be erroneous is considered a "crime". Kiss my ---! these are the most simple of examples. (Be mindful of the fact that a cop will do whatever the hell he wants to anyone he chooses in an effort to intimidate or "control" them...This includes the very common (popular) brutal beatings and manhandling. If you even, by accident, brush up against a cop, you'll be lucky if you aren't bludgeoned, arrested for resisting, or charged with assaulting an officer. These ineffectual punks consistently abuse and shot at people who don't even know that they've "offended" some limp minion of the law. I'm telling you true, you don't stand a chance against the slack-assed bullies who pretend to be law enforcement officers and "professionals" who deem themselves worthy of respect. (This likely accounts for why, in my experiences, the real pros don't much like cops.)


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