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Never mind  that the police lied about this guy ramming their cars, which they claim was their excuse to shoot him. Never mind that video evidence shows a police truck smashing the man’s car into police cars, strongly suggesting the cops actually created said excuse to open fire. Never mind that said excuse-creating exercise caused the man to be wrongly charged with attempted murder. Never mind that that prosecutors have decided not to charge the lying, shooting cops with any crime.

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Comment by David Jackson
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   Welcome to the "New Common Era" (The most common men and women doing the most common things, in the most common culture in world history. Too bad that a whole bunch of these "commoners" have the authority of badge and gun with which to practice their mindless commonality. Mark my words: "We, as a society, are screwed! There is nothing that will be done to curb the Constitutional, civil, and human rights violations that are becoming the standard for so-called law enforcement, because there is no accountability or oversight. Most cops know and LIKE the fact that they can do whatever they damn-well please - as long as they and their peers are willing to lie and swear to it - and pretty much get away with it. It's what common people do in UNCOMMON circumstances, when they are so poorly trained and so totally unconcerned about consequences of their actions. For the most part, the "professional" police officer is a creature of legend and myth.)

 Thank affirmative action and your selected "official" dullards. They look to the new gestapo as their buffer between the population they are selling out and abusing and the violent end to their reign of terror. They will support just about any "legal" subterfuge or abuse, in order to maintain their chickenshit, self-annointed status! 

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