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Cannibalism Redux

• arclein
In terms of the remaining tales, isolated tribes not participating in the slave trade appear plausible candidates as does the ritual slaughter of captured enemies that could have supported occasional cannibalism in the case of the oft maligned Aztec. Thus while every tribe has been accused of cannibalism we soon are down to one or two plausible

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HERES ONE concerning the invasion of aztecs over a thousand years ago had established a city but they were sacrificing humans to their deities for a good harvest well as the story goes all of the plains indians went in and eradicated that tribe for that reason not a fable for the revisionist history said they died out from a famine for which that didnt happen  ever heard of the place here in nm where a bunch of cliff dwellers who built a pueblo in the side of the mountain that is what happened to them extermination of a aztecd race for mass murder using human sacrifice to their deities