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Naomi Wolf: So Right and So Wrong


Ms. Wolf is surely correct to voice her deep displeasure with America's growing fascist state and the police officers that are its modern face. But is she correct in identifying them as tools of a US "corporatocracy?" It seems to us that she doesn't look deeply enough. This is the problem with Occupy Wall Street scribes generally.

Who runs the corporations? Hm-mm. It seems to us that the corporations and Wall Street itself would not exist in their current world-spanning posture without CENTRAL BANKING and the ability of those who supervise the mechanism to print endless amounts of money from nothing. This is what is rapidly turning the world into a single, large banana republic, or more grimly, a global gulag.

Why Ms. Wolf cannot see this is a mystery to us. With so much information available on the Internet about central banking and the elite clique that evidently and obviously runs it, one could be forgiven for beginning to think that those who point fingers at corporations, or even politicians, are practicing a form of disinformation.

It suits the agenda of the powers-that-be to have the "little people" blame corporations or even government for the problems of the world today. In fact, the problem is MERCANTILISM, a situation that occurs when powerful individuals and families TAKE OVER government and use it for their own purposes, passing laws that seem to be of benefit to "the people" but are really of benefit only to themselves.


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Comment by Scott Heitmann
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  Beats me why you assume Ms Wolf knows not of the culprits behind all our woes. She,and I,cannot confront them as readily as their minions. An army is usually defeated by whittling away at the soldiers--rarely is there opportunity to checkmate their commanders.Of course many of the protestors are misguided somewhat, but they are indicative of a population that isn't too happy with "things". Don't you think this is noticed and causes problems for "them"

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