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Merry Christmas from the IRS!

• Lew Rockwell
The morning news on the boob tube reports that the federal government has imposed a new federal tax on Christmas trees. They say the purpose of the tax is so that the federal bureaucracy can use the money to better promote the Christmas tree tradition.

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Comment by Olde Reb
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 Taxation is the process of getting the most feathers from the geese with the least amount of squaking.  Not buying the tree is really hurting the grower.  If you really wanted to hurt the fed/state, do not buy a new automobile.

Comment by David Jackson
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      Better promote trees? Give me a break. Who the hell cares? What's next? does anyone have a clue how many "government friends" get jobs out of this crap? who will be first in line to demand that we take Christmas trees out of government? Is there, yet, a separation of government and trees? Just who do we see about stopping these fools? If you voted for them, you are the enemy - TRAITOR! is too mild a term.

       It's time to start buying artificial trees for an artificial holiday. Maybe if the fine folks who charge so much for trees, in the forst place, start pissing and moaning enough, this B.S. will go away. One thing is certain, it will cost all of us more than it will ever make...Assuming history is a precursor to the future.

Comment by Darna Jakobsen
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 Can't resist a new federal sales tax now could they? I have purchased my last christmas tree last year. I won't be buying another one. This is one tax i can avoid paying. Boycott christmas tree purchases. It isn't the amount that matters, it is the theft and destruction of a holiday. Greed is the creed.

Comment by Rocky Frisco
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This stinks bigtime. Isn't Christmas a religious holiday the federal government is trying to end? Since when can they "promote" things like this? The tax is theft, just like all taxes, but the excuse reeks of a big lie.

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