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Video Showing Oakland Police Beating Veteran Posted Online

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It took more than two weeks, but we finally get to see the video of an Oakland police officer beating an Iraq war veteran with his nightstick, which left him with a lacerated spleen.

The video was obtained by The Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom and shows Kayvan Sabehgi standing in front of a line of marching police officers dressed in riot gear.

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Comment by PureTrust
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A march, or "Occupy," especially a large one, with thousands of marchers, is often made up of a few people who know what it is really all about, a bunch more who have a good idea what it is about, a load of folks who know something is up but don't really understand what they are marching for, and some rabble who will march for anything, ready to make trouble at the drop of a hat.

A march is a good place to get some faces behind your movement, to sell people in general that you are serious. What it should be used for is to sell your fellow marchers on the issues and principles in question, get serious fellow marchers contact info for further follow-up, and to get a feel for what the public thinks about your issues.

What a march should NOT be used for is to antagonize police, local neighborhoods, and local businesses. These people, the locals, are your friends. Often they would be completely on your side if they only knew what you were all about. But an extended march only invites criticism from the locals, and marshal law from local law enforcement.

Take the contact info that you get from fellow marchers, and follow up with everyone on the list. Since they were at the Occupy, and since they were willing to give you contact info, they probably are at least a little serious about effecting changes.

Once you get your group put together, use them to further the your effort through Training them to, Advertise among the public, form and support your Propositions, Practice for future peaceful Occupys, and to monitor, use, and uphold the local Voting processes. You will only bring trouble on yourselves if you make trouble. Instead, use your strength to make change in the right way.



Impossible to do this? Well, if you succeed directly with the Occupy rather than the vote, you will be showing that the vote and Government don't count. If the vote and Government don't count, then any Government crook who wants to mount terrorism and tyranny against you for any or no reason, will be able to do it without any fear of recourse. There will be civil war. And it will be a civil war in which many will lose lives. Many of you do not want this. So do it the right way.

Comment by AntiAcidNo1
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I hate police beating but I am also a community builder and we rely on police work to make community-building possible. It is nice to join any discussion in this forum on police brutality, but I also want to see any commendable work police had done to the community. If any reporter like this one if he doesn’t mind could report anything about the police that the community should be thankful, I am sure the surrounding mood would change. We wouldn’t feel as if we are attending a funeral where a reporter is delivering his death-to-the-police eulogy!