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Financial Times Changes Article Headline on EU Three Times!


Free-Market Analysis: In a feedback to a Financial Times article entitled "Eurozone Signs Up to Closer Ties," writer Danny Barrs makes the point that the FT, a high-profile elite mouthpiece, is "spinning" decisions made at yesterday's EU summit by rewriting its headlines.

He points out that the FT changed its headline (see excerpt above) to minimize the harshness of what was taking place between the EU and the UK. But just as we'd started to write about it, we noticed the headline had changed AGAIN.

This is interesting! Why are the FT editors having so much trouble with a headline? It's obviously a very sensitive issue ... and indeed it is. The EU and euro are in the process of collapsing and the FT headline writers seem to want to figure out a way to cushion the blow.

Yes, we believe the FT editors are doing their best to find a way to "position" the unwinding of the EU. And watching their struggles, we may be able to gain some valuable clues as to how the Anglosphere powers-that-be intend to deal with the euro's ongoing unraveling and the erosion of the larger Eurozone.

So let us analyze what the FT is struggling with. We have three headlines (on the same FT article) in the space of perhaps two hours. This is not only unusual in terms of editorial conduct, from our point of view; it is also unusual strictly from a publishing standpoint. Even here at tiny Daily Bell, if we make a substantive article update, we will alert the readers at the bottom of the story. We could find no such emendations at FT.


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