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Poor, Pitiful, Poverty-Stricken, Defenseless Israel


That is the view of Michele Bachmann and all the other Republican candidates except for Ron Paul. Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons and Iran has none. They could vaporize Iran in an instant if they genuinely felt threatened and do not need any help from us. Yet, WE are supposed to start another war — with Iran for starters — to supposedly protect poor, pitiful, poverty-stricken, defenseless Israel. Bachmann assumes that if Iran ever did get a nuclear weapon, Israel would be completely defenseless against it even though Israel did very well in defending itself against Iraq several decades ago when they bombed Iraq's infant nuclear facility. (Ron Paul, by the way, supported Israel's independent defensive action at the time).

These pandering Republicans treat Israel with the same condescension and lack of respect that Democrats show toward THEIR mascots, welfare recipients, which they assume to be unable to survive without handouts from them.


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