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Survival Gun Selection by James Wesley, Rawles

In my survivalist novel "Patriots", I included lots of descriptions of firearms used in various situations in order to illustrate that there is no single "perfect survival gun." Different situations are best handled by using different firearms. There are several requirements that must be considered in selecting guns for use on a farm, ranch, or survival retreat. First, and foremost, they must be versatile. A single gun might be pressed into service for shooting crows or starlings at 10 yards, rabbits or coyotes at 100 yards, or rattlesnakes at five feet. While there is no single gun that can handle any task, it is important to select guns with at least some degree of  versatility. Further, it is not realistic to believe that you can get by  with just one gun, or even just one rifle, one pistol, and one shotgun. Versatility has its limits. Like a carpenter's box of tools, each type of gun has its special place and purpose.

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Comment by David Jackson
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      I know what I'd like to say, but it would take about three hours.

      I know a little bit about firearms and a whole lot about how to use them, having been a small arms training specialist for most of my adult life (over 30 years). I also know when I', being worked.

      Let's look at this from the standpoint of reasonably normal human being:  How many guns can you shoot at once? How many guns - ammo - can you carry at once? How many $500 to $2,000 guns can you afford, at once?

      For further consideration:  What are you trying to "survive"? Who or what do you believe you will be engaging wth your "battery" of firearms? Where and how do you plan to store your eapons - ammo? Why do you think you will need more than the pistol and the shotgun you carry with you as you "make the rounds of your "retreat"? Do you really believe that you and your wife and your ten year old daughter are going to fend-off a band of determined psychopaths? What are you going to do when your '"enemy" shows up with an armoured vehicle or gunship? Do you even have a retreat? If not, how might you be planning to get al the guns and ammo out of "Dodge", when the balloon goes up?

     Think about this:  Anyone - the authorities or a band of assholes - who would attempt to assault your property, you, your wife, or your daughter is going to murder everyone in sight. If you aren't there, you won't have to defend against anything. If you are there, you and your wife and your daughter had better be capable of using the pistols and shotguns that you ALL have trained to use. (Another set of considerations might be to predetermine the weapons that your adversaries might be armed with: if they are the "authorities", they'll likely have .223s and some iteration of the 9mm. Two things to think about;  1) If they have any weapons, and if you are succesful, there will be guns and ammo littering the field; 2) If you need extra ammo, it would be nice if your guns fired the same stuff your enemies' guns use.

     Here's the thing:  If you plan to go toe-to-toe with just about anyone, you're an idiot! Let the smucks and the lame-ass wannabes fight it out, kill each other, and die of infections from their wounds. Then, when you can smell their rotting corpses, go in or down and collect all the guns, ammo, rations, or whatever you can carry and go your merry way.

     Survival, my ass. If you aren't willing to sacrifice everysingle person - your wife or kids - so tht you can live, you aren't even making a decent pretext to being a "survivalist"! I've only know two peopole in over 40 years who would fit the bill; and you can trust me on this - You aren't one of them!

     There's a whole lot more to "survival" than wasting money on a bunch of "trick guns" and some adventure comic notion of fighting off the hordes. Use your head!

      Oh, by the way, just before you make a run for it, please, destroy all the "sniper" rifles, gadget guns, and whatever else you can't carry; no sense in leaving such things to the enemy, right?


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