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Challenging my Senator on NDAA

Thief, rapist, murderer or terrorist…the crime that an individual is accused of does not alter the process by which guilt is determined. (Nobody opposes this law because they want to protect 'terrorists,' they oppose it because they want to protect people who are FALSELY ACCUSED of being terrorists or ‘associated’ with terrorists.)

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Comment by namaste33
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 Concise,accurate and to the crux of the issue.  Very nicely done.  We are being deceived and duped in oxymoron fashion as the tail wags the dog.  To save freedom by taking it from us, as our employees(public servants) dictate to usinstead of us ordering  is most distasteful and too few get it.  The germans in the1930's didn't either.

Comment by Matt Sch
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seems all senators sent out the same email. what scum.