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The last lemming

• Ballantyne

December 22, 2011
Toronto, Canada

[Editor's note: Simon's close friend Craig Ballantyne, now editor of the Early to Rise publication, is filling in today while Simon storms the new farm in Chile.]

If you’re like Simon and I and you spend any time at all reading the daily news headlines, it undoubtedly feels like the world is inches away from going off a cliff.

There’s a lot of truth to this news… and it can literally put so much fear, anxiety, and apprehension into people that is paralyzes them from doing taking any steps to protecting themselves, let alone advancing their situation in life. You can’t let that happen.

Listen, even if the world is becoming unglued, there’s nothing you personally can do about global economic problems. Just like there’s nothing the last lemming at the end of the line can do about all the other lemmings in front of it.

However, that last lemming still has a choice. It can take action… because action is the only thing that can overcome anxiety and apprehension.

I recently had this ‘a-ha’ moment when penning my weekly internal newsletter to my team of amazing employees. I wrote to them:

“We’re always taking action. Moving ahead. Finishing a project, celebrating the success, and hitting up a newer, bigger project. That’s why we’re going to continue to prosper no matter how crazy the rest of the world gets around us. Because we keep on taking massive action.”


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