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Article Image News Link • Global, by Tyler Durden

Nearly a decade after his now laughably idiotic prediction that the Fed could hike rates in "15 minutes if we have to" - which of course it could and it would then promptly crash markets as late 2018 showed which is also why the Fed will never...

Article Image News Link • Global, by Tyler Durden

Yesterday, when looking at the details of the Fed's ongoing QE4, we pointed out that the New York Fed was now actively purchasing T-Bills that had been issued just days earlier by the US Treasury, and which settled the day of the permanent open marke

Article Image News Link • Global by Tyler Durden

The Fed's charter prohibits its from directly purchasing bonds or bills issued by the US Treasury: that process is also known as monetization and various Fed chairs have repeatedly testified under oath to Congress that the Fed does not do it.

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