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Hackers Plan Satellites To Block Internet Censorship

"Let's take the Internet out of the control of terrestrial entities." This call to arms, issued by hacker activist Nick Farr, is the rallying cry behind a new plan to launch satellites into space to prevent Internet censorship. Farr, a spokesperson for the Germany-based Chaos Computer Club, outlined the group's mission at this week's Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, the BBC reported. Calling for an "uncensorable Internet in space," Farr outlined the CCC's Hackerspace Global Grid, a project that also will involve setting up low-cost ground stations to track and communicate with the fast-moving satellites. The time is now
Publisher: What did you think was going to happen? :)
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Here are some highlights over the years. Not only will the Internet communicate via Satellites... it'll likely be for free... and faster. But the Bad Guys can not allow this to happen if they can help it. And they Will try to stop it.