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'Marley': A History On Film Of The Man Turned 'Legend'

•, by Baz Dreisinger

Do you know Bob Marley? Sure, you do. Maybe you're among his 33 million Facebook and Twitter followers. Maybe you own a Bob Marley ashtray, or one of 400 or so books about him. You definitely know a few of his tunes by heart — like "One Love," which Jamaica's tourism board has featured in commercials for years. But the reggae singer's son Ziggy has news for you: You don't really know Bob Marley.

"Over time, he has been summed up as just a ganja-smoking reggae singer, all love and peace — which is a part of it, but not the full story," Ziggy Marley says. "There was another side."

That other side is what Ziggy set out to capture in the film Marley, which he executive-produced.