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Turn your iPhone into a networked night vision scope


Imagine if you could turn your iPhone into an advanced night vision recording device, tuned to your every espionage whim. No, there's not an app for that ... but there is the USNV Night Vision iPhone Adapter. Before you get too excited about it, you should note that it doesn't directly turn an iPhone into a night vision scope – you'll still need an actual separate scope. What the NViA does is bridge the iPhone with the night vision scope to leverage iPhone features like video recording, geo-tagging and messaging ... because when you're in the middle of a midnight tail, sometimes you want to go back and scour the footage for more clues – or I assume that you might want to do that, if you were some type of vigilante running around the city with a pair of infrared goggles.

The NViA slides onto the iPhone and connects with a variety of night vision and thermal imaging devices with a threaded mount. Once installed, the iPhone gives you a larger night vision display and allows you to record video and photos, zoom and adjust optic settings, geo-tag your footage, and send images to others.


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Comment by McElchap
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 I see how tempting this night vision gadget can be in use with an I-phone. Yes, I see how that combo can do a lot to document activities in the dark.  HOWEVER, in using this device, won't the I-phone allow nefarious third parties working for Uncle Sam, the police, or anybody tapping phones to also follow and document what you are doing? Do you suppose the feds might have an app in their huge computer snooping networks to specifically ferret out people using this gadget in night vision activities? Give it a thought, guys!