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How The Stock Market Is Programmed

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How The Stock Market Is Programmed

                                             The Programmer's Deadly System

The hidden system (the engine of our market) is written by a human hand, with the help of his/her programming computer. The Achilles Heel of hiding the system is: The Programmer's computer has to be perfect to the one hundredth, tied to the exact High or Low "Turn Around Minute". It cannot "Round Off" numbers so it cannot hide.

                          An example of how the Programmer's System works on Apple's stock:
At 2:31 PM, Thursday 6/28/12, Apple turns around and starts going up. Five minutes later (2:36 - 2:41 PM)
Apple's "One Minute Price Boxes" tell the Insiders, "We're going up $34.00 to 11:26". 

All 5 Price Bars and 5 - 34's go up $34.00 (to the 100th) to the "High Minute of the Day" same lines, days later.
  This is not just "Any Minute" we are connecting. It is the HIGH minute for the 4th of July holiday.                                       
                                      Please watch -

How Apple's Stock is Programmed:

We all have our opinions, ideas, speculation and logic of how the stock market works. These form our beliefs. We can compare our beliefs all day long, the one thing we cannot debate are facts (1+1=2). Looking at the material I present (odds of a Royal Flush in Spades are 1 in 2,598,960) even the biggest skeptic cannot say, "Just lucky I guess" for fear of looking like a fool. Yet, there are those who will stick to their beliefs as if they were facts and they really dislike it when their beliefs are questioned. 

These flawed beliefs are formed by an army of people that make their money teaching technical analysis and reporting breaking news. This material invalidates just about everything they do. Real time technical analysis cannot predict anything when there is a Programmer calling out everything "To the Minute, To the Penny". Breaking news becomes meaningless and "Buyer meets the Seller" becomes a fantasy.  In fairness, none of these Technical Gurus or News Breakers are aware of this system.    

material is not technical analysis. It simply shows how the Programmer's System works. If you are an Active Trader, this is what you face every day with a blindfold on. The better you understand this system, the better you will do trading.

Let me share the moment I discovered the hidden system. This short video will forever change the way you trade. This is the most important stock market video you will ever watch.                                                                              Please watch this -    

This video shows how the Programer uses "Real Time Technical Analysis" to kill the Active Traders.
The Start of a 884 Point Drop -

Start of a 884 Point Drop:
The purpose of the examples on the next page is to give you an overall view of how this system works and prove to even the most skeptical the Programmer's System is very real. These videos might feel like waterboarding because they are very analytical and detailed. They are not like the Training Videos.  Before I can show you how to benefit from the knowledge of knowing how the Programmer's system works, it is important that you have an overall understanding of the system and you are convinced what I am putting forth is true.

Listen to Alan Golman on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock radio show 11-14-12, 3rd hour