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Preliminary Results of DNA Analysis of Peruvian Elongated Skulls point to Unknown Species

• Brien Foerster, GreWi
Saarbrucken (Germany) - The world-wide phenomenon of strangely elongated skulls puzzles experts as well as laymen since the first discoveries. While it is known that the vast majority of these unusual de-formed skulls are the result of splinting and binding the skull already in early childhood, some researchers think different when it comes to a few rare examples in which the absence of the usual signs for such procedures point to a more "natural" while still baffling cause. Last but not least the origin, meaning and purpose of the unusual tradition of cranial deformation are still in the dark. The trained biologist and alternative researcher Brien Foerster is one of those researchers and has put some of the unusual deformed skulls from Peru to a DNA-test. In an interview with the German daily online-newsmagazine on frontier sciences and the paranormal - "" - Foerster talks for the first time in detail about the fascinating but still preliminary results.

GreWi-Editor Andreas Müller: Mr. Foerster, many thanks in advance that you are going to tell us more about the initial but preliminary results of the DNA analysis of some of the elongated skulls from Paracas. Would you first give us a little overview of the background and characteristics of these skulls?

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