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Last night's record-shattering DDoS attack is just the beginning

• dvice
We don't yet know who was being targeted by this epic-level assault, but we do know that even the experts tasked with defending the victim had a rough go of it, and that these attacks are growing in both intensity and frequency.
A DDoS attack is the the concentrated funneling of Internet traffic by a hacker against a particular website or server. In a successful attack, there's so much traffic on the site that its server(s) simply cannot cope and crashes under the strain of the data. Think of it like a massive online magnifying glass that burns unsuspecting servers like so many ants.
Back in 2011, these attacks made headlines when Sony's PlayStation Network went down, giving hackers access to millions of users' personal data. When Annonymous attacked Visa, Mastercard and Paypal, the attack was dubbed the beginning of "cyber rioting".

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