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Residents in Arizona town push to remove militaristic border checkpoint

• FOX News
Residents of the southern Arizona town of Arivaca are monitoring a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint to see how many arrests and drug seizures are made in a bid to remove longstanding interior checkpoints on the roads leading into the town. Arivaca residents say they are regularly subjected to delays, searches, harassment and racial profiling at the checkpoints. Six residents monitored the checkpoint Wednesday on Arivaca Road, 25 miles north of the Mexico border. Bobbie Chitwood, who has lived in Arivaca for 36 years, told The Los Angeles Times she plans to volunteer to monitor the checkpoint at least once a week. "This just impedes the movement of people," Chitwood said. "It feels very militaristic. The checkpoints feel like the beginning of something that could get worse. I don't like being stopped by people with guns."

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If they weren't so involved in drug and human smuggling they wouldn't worry about the checkpoint. I go through one daily and it takes 30 seconds.