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You Did it! Tempe will air public comments again!

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My Friends, I have wonderful news! No longer will the good people of Tempe be silenced by their elected government. Your voices have been heard loud and clear by the Tempe City Council and they have decided to allow the broadcasting of public comments during the call to audience segment again!

This is indeed a victory for the people and a small example of what we can do when we stand united and demand the public servants serve us and not their egos. Of course there is more work to do, and more battles to be won. But for today pat yourself on the back. You reversed a policy that was in place for years.

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Here is the official campaign press release. 

March 06, 2014
Contact: Jessica Merrow


March 6, 2014


Matt Papke Applauds the Council’s Decision

Tempe, AZ, March 5, 2014– When the City Council of Tempe shut down the call to audience public broadcasting, they shut down the people’s voice. Today thanks to the efforts of many patriots and activists the city has done the right thing and voted to again broadcast the call to the audience.

It is important to remember that public servants serve the people. The people are the most important voice and element in any city, meeting or message. While I applaud the council’s vote to bring the people’s voice back, I find it regrettable that some on the council still found concern with airing the people’s statements. It is also regrettable that many proposed stipulations could still apply, including the ability of city officials to choose which comments to air and which to silence.

"An enlightened people and an energetic public opinion... will control and enchain the aristocratic spirit of the government." --Thomas Jefferson

But this recent decision is proof that with enough active participation, our leaders WILL respond to the needs of the people. This should be encouragement to all residents of Tempe to get involved at their local level of government and to directly influence the decisions of our elected officials.

Please Consider supporting our efforts to Reduce Waste, Reduce Crime and Revitalize Tempe by making a donation today of $5$10$25 or more

Matt Papke is an Arizona native and long time resident of Tempe who has been involved in his community at many levels. He is a former Marine, an ardent political activist, and an advocate for empowering the people. Matt is a graduate of Corona del Sol High School in Tempe, Arizona and currently lives and works in Tempe.


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