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Don't You Know There is a War On? - by Giovanni Martelli

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Every two hundred years or so, there comes a time when the ruling class fails to consider the tenuousness of its position, creating a system of tyrannical government and power usurped from those who should hold it—every man, woman, and child, over him or herself exclusively.  ...

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Ben Franklin said that the MAIN reason for the War for Independence, was King George III's refusal to allow the Colonies to have and use their own "scrip", or currency.  They fought the War for Independence, against King George III, and the "Crown Corporation" BEHIND him, based in the "City" of London (London's Financial District).  (Read EMPIRE OF THE CITY, by E.C. Knuth)  Rothschilds are based in the "City" of London, along with many other International Central Banking families.  These same families own-and-operate "our" so-called "Federal" "Reserve", which re-took control over this country, on Dec. 23, 1913.

The Federal Reserve Cartel:  The Eight Families, Part I





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It’s ALL about the International Central Bankers, my friends. JUST LISTEN!

Caravan to Midnight, Episode 13, w/Host J.B. Wells, and Guest “V” – Banking INSIDER

Caravan to Midnight, Episode 19, w/Host J.B. Wells, and Guests: 1) Col. Harry Riley (on the “American Spring” or “Operation USA” on May 16th, in Washington, D.C., and 2) “W” – D.C. INSIDER)

Bankers Destroy Global Economy by Design to Consolidate Power

A large part of the “Science of Poverty” is called INFLATION, something about which the International Central Bankers are very familiar. They seek to IMPOVERISH every country, and every human being on the planet, via DEBT-enslavement, so that, they can de-populate the planet. What is one of the FIRST things done, after NATO goes into some foreign country? The IMF sets up a loan, or a central bank there. What happens along with that? The IMF asset-strips the country – takes possession of its most valuable resources – they trade the paper they create out of thin air, and FORCE it upon the newly invaded country, and take as “collateral” – their resources. But, once they’ve enslaved you with DEBT, and taken possession of your REAL ASSETS (Oil, Real Estate, PM’s, etc.) don’t think it’s over, folks. No, their long-term plan, is to de-populate the planet. They are literally using the American population, and its military, and have been doing so, since around 1913, to spread their pernicious influence around the globe.  Mostly via Zionist-Israel, created by the Rothschilds, in 1948, and via the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), but, also via the CIA, which began as the OSS, and was also created by the International Central Bankers, as well as by all the 3-letter, alphabet-soup quasi-governmental agencies:  FBI, NSA, ATF, DHS, TSA, ADL...


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