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Software Shows What Children Will Look Like In 70 Years, With Unprecedented Accuracy

 100 Years of Life, As Extrapolated By Software
You might notice the algorithms were unable to remove the milk mustache from its original reference photo.
U of Washington
Look at a kid under the age of five, and it's hard to imagine what he'll look like in 70 years. But this new piece of software does just that...
Of course, many computer scientists have tried to make face-aging software before. The umbrella field of getting computers to recognize human faces is a hot topic of research; Facebook recently published some work on getting its "DeepFace" software to recognize people from the side, given only head-on pictures. This new work is based on the largest-yet database of photos for aging software—40,000 pictures of people ages 0 through 100. The new software is also unusual in its ability to create accurate results from photos of very young children.

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