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It all depends on who wants the guns (plus an update on the Showdown at Bundy Ranch)

If you don’t know a “bullet button” is, it’s another device, like the old “thumbhole stock,” designed specifically to comply with the ridiculous language of absurd “gun-control” laws.

California years ago banned “large” (meaning “regular”) magazines which can be quickly changed by pushing a magazine release lever, see, requiring that rifles have “fixed” magazines that can be removed only by using a tool.

Scratching their heads, manufacturers came up with a release lever that can be operated only with a tool – pushing in a recessed button with, say, the tip of a bullet — in order to comply with the law. Gun-banners, of course, responded by trying to ban the new, legal configuration (designed to meet a requirement THEY had set), shrieking that it’s merely an attempt “to “get around the law” – kind of like saying that if you drive 59 miles per hour, you’re trying to “get around” a law designed to prevent high-speed driving by setting a 60 mph speed limit.

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