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Man says pot cured his pain, but he may get prison term

A Stevens County man who ate marijuana cookies to ease gout and knee pain faces a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison. While Washington state allows marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes, Congress has classified the drug as a substance of no medical value. ...

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Comment by Ed Price
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My question is, Does anyone have verifiable statistics showing how many people in the nation are against pot freedom? I know and have talked to local folks who are totally convinced that repealing drug laws would destroy peace in America. They refer to one or two countries in Europe that have done this, and it seems to have worked out badly for those countries. But, of course, those statistics are skewed because there are other things at play in those countries, and their kind of freedom is different than ours. Do Americans in general really want drug laws and the war on drugs?

Comment by Martin Birk
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What a waste of time and money... with tragic results for this man and his family. Where was the local sheriff in all this? It is "high time" that the states and local jurisdictions kick the feds out and keep them out. The Constitution of the United States and our respective State Constitutions grant specific enumerated powers to government... period. Can't find cannabis or anything else I want to eat or smoke in there anywhere. Wake Up America... or is it too damn late? Nuff Said...

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Absolute criminal terrorism. What the hell is wrong with these corporate drones? Are they that greedy or that ignorant? How much longer are the people going to deal with this insanity?

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